How do I attend a session?
On the Pathable platform, attendees can view descriptions and learn more about the session speakers by navigating to the individual sessions from the Agenda page:
  • Attendees customize their agenda by selecting the orange box with the white plus sign of the session they want to attend.
  • Selected sessions appear on attendee's My Agenda page.
  • Attendees will be notified when their selected sessions are starting.
  • Be sure to add the all of your sessions to your personal calendar using the "add to calendar" button.
  • Be sure to log-in to the platform a few minutes before the session begins and open the session in the My Agenda tab - the live session will stream right there!
  • When the session begins, attendees will be able to join the live presentation.
  • While on the session page, attendees can ask questions, view documents and take polls.
  • Select sessions will also be recorded and available for viewing up to 1 year after the event.
How can I connect with attendees?
Attendees can schedule a meeting with any other attendee! If accepted by the other attendee, the meeting will appear on their personal agenda. At the time of the meeting, just navigate to the meeting on my agenda and join the video chat!
To schedule a 1:1 meeting:
  • Navigate to the People tab and click on attendees
  • Click on the attendee you want to meet with
  • Click on the Schedule meeting button
To send a message:
  • Navigate to the People tab and click on attendees
  • Click on the attendee you want to send a message to
  • Click on the Send Message button
To join a community conversation:
  • Navigate to the conversations tab
  • Reply to an ongoing conversation
  • Or click the new conversation button to start a new thread
How do I book a meeting with exhibitors?
  • Navigate to the exhibitor page
  • Click on the exhibitor of your choice
  • Click on a photo of one of the booth staff
  • Click on the "Schedule Meeting" button
How do I "Talk Now?"
Talk Now allows attendees to make direct, 1:1 video calls to trade show exhibitors during exhibit hours. When an attendee visits the trade show booth during trade show hours, they will see the option to "Talk Now."
  • Navigate to an exhibitor page
  • Click the Talk Now button
  • An embedded Zoom call is initiated and the attendee will be connected to the first available exhibitor/booth staff representative for a 1:1 video call.
  • If an available exhibitor does not answer the call, the system will jump to the next available staff person. If no one is available to answer the attendee's call, the system will give them the option to instead Book A Meeting or Send a Message to the staff.
What time zone will be used for the live virtual sessions?
Agenda items on the virtual platform will be shown in your native time zone.
Which browser is best for the virtual platform?
To attend a virtual meeting on the Pathable platform, we strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. Additionally, some of the sessions and 1:1 video chats in the platform are powered by Zoom and we encourage everyone to join from a device that can access Zoom. Please note, it's possible that your Zoom settings may not pull through. Due to limitations within Zoom, attendees in Safari, Firefox, or other browsers may have to dial in via telephone in order to hear the meeting audio. Alternatively, you can also start the broadcast, then click the link in the lower-left corner to open the meeting within the Zoom program. Be sure to download the latest version of Zoom before the conference begins.
Still have questions? Contact AACFB Headquarters
info@aacfb.org | 1-800-996-2352